“Hitachi Rail's Social Innovation business has always set itself the goal of creating technological innovation to improve people's quality of life and achieve a sustainable society, helping to solve global social and environmental issues and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN for 2030.

The COVID-19 emergency in some ways can be seen as the starting point for a new way of thinking. One of the task forces that we are launching is aimed at developing an increasingly integrated and systemic mobility system for all transport needs. We are talking about a mobility project that includes the use of trains, car sharing, personal cars and which, therefore, will also have the task of proposing the use of hybrid cars and increasingly sustainable solutions across our business to support how our own people move.”

“A sector closely linked to the COVID-19 emergency is that of the production and disposal of personal protection equipment. We want to have a precise and efficient plan that analyses the correct management of waste, because today our Group (between Europe and the Middle East alone) consumes around 230,000 surgical masks and around 110,000 FFP2 masks every month. From the point of view of combining the production with the social aspect, Hitachi Rail is analysing a self-production project of protection templates. We do not know how long this emergency will last. Furthermore, we do not know if one day we will face a similar situation caused by another virus. We are creating the capability to make masks in-house from a social point of view, because in any moment of need we could decide to produce them for third parties who find themselves in difficulty, helping the communities in which we operate. And the intention is not to stop there - at group level, Hitachi has launched the ‘Make a Difference - Challenge to COVID-19’ project which aims to collect ideas from all over the world to develop useful solutions to address the current situation, adoptable by any company or community."

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