Shared ways of working

Our supplier code of conduct unifies our approach to doing business and demonstrates to our customers that we can be trusted to deliver excellence on a global scale.

It encompasses human rights, health and safety, environmental management, ethics, supplier commitment, product quality and data protection, relevant policies are clearly explained, alongside clear definitions of what each element means for our suppliers.

We expect that wherever our suppliers are located, manufacturing or delivering services for us, that they are produced and/or provided in a way, which is compatible with the high standards we hold.

Building partnerships

Successful partnerships with our supply chain is at the heart of our business.
Through working and listening to our supply chain, we gain a new perspective and we can learn from different industries.

As we drive to achieve our ambitious growth plans, we will need support from you across the following areas:

  • Cost-out ideas for existing systems

  • Risk reduction plans to secure & simplify supply chains

  • New solutions to customer needs

  • Close support as we grow in our target regions