Hitachi Rail is continuing to progress with our ambition to become a leader on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities and to align our policies and practices to the wider Hitachi Group standards in this space.

Our focus on these objectives demonstrates to our customers that we can be trusted to deliver excellence on a global scale while performing as a socially responsible business. The publication of Hitachi Rail’s new Supplier Code of Conduct highlights the way in which we do business and the expectations we have for our suppliers.

The code of conduct is aligned to our core business values our reinforces our group-wide commitment to achieve Net-Zero by 2050. We expect all of our suppliers to adhere to its principles, in addition to any commercial terms agreed with us. This is important because it promotes customer trust and confidence in our products & services and shows them that our suppliers are valued partners in this process. Encompassing human rights, health and safety, environmental management, ethics, supplier commitment, product quality and data protection, our policy and expectations are clearly explained in this document.

This Code of Conduct is derived from principles of the UN Global Compact, of which Hitachi Ltd. is a proud member. For our rail business, the Code of Conduct also reflects our commitment to becoming a climate change innovator and our product solutions and integration with international Sustainable Development Goals have been central to our business strategy for a number of years.

We expect our suppliers to act as ethical and responsible businesses, strive for sustainability in their supply chains, and drive innovation and excellence for the rail industry. Having published our Code of Conduct, Hitachi Rail, in collaboration with our suppliers, commits to playing our part to deliver the best for the millions of passengers who travel on the world’s rail networks every day – and for the benefit of a more sustainable society.

Download our Supplier Code of Conduct here:

Hitachi Rail Supplier Code of Conduct