Hitachi Rail is a global leader in passenger rail systems, designing, building, operating and maintaining Railway and Mass Transit solutions that range from fully integrated turnkey solutions to traditional signalling systems.

These systems can include any of the technological subsystems that make up a transport system, including signalling, power supply, telecommunications, rolling stock, traffic management and other technologies.

The Digital Railway brings together stakeholders across the rail sector, technology and business change in an integrated way. The principle technologies are as follows:

Hitachi Rail has an advanced record of implementing advanced technologies on major signalling projects such as:

  • ERTMS/ETCS solutions combined with high speed rail, conventional lines or heavy haul technologies for safer and interoperable networks - this allows trains to run closer together and to travel at their best speeds while maintaining safe braking distances

  • Satellite positioning technology for safer and more accurate rail traffic management

  • Driverless solutions to improve operational efficiency and flexibility and reduce operation and maintenance costs

  • Connected Driver Advisory Systems (CDAS) and Automatic Train Operation (ATO): these provide decision support to drivers in the cab so that they have the information they need at the right time to boost performance and safety

  • CBTC signalling technology to increase performance and reduce headway through a real moving block

  • Traffic Management to maximise performance as trains flow across the network, maximising the throughput that existing track can support and adapting in real-time as network conditions change to aid rapid recovery

  • Broad components portfolio covering all aspects of signalling and systems solutions (such as switch machines, signals, level crossings and relays)

Hitachi Rail designs, manufactures, installs and commissions signalling components, systems and integrated mobility solutions for the management and control of new and upgraded railway, transit and freight lines worldwide and acts as a lead contractor and turnkey provider on major projects worldwide. Globally, our teams support clients with every type of signalling solution, which allows us to have a holistic view of a railway operation, improving performance and revenue efficiencies.

From the wayside, on-board and office products that comprise a heavy haul or freight network, to complete turnkey systems - our advanced, modular and scalable planning and control systems have improved network safety, reliability and efficiency to new levels. That’s how Hitachi Rail moves the rail industry forward, connecting people and cities around the world.