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Hitachi Rail is working with the Municipality of Genoa and the city’s public transport operator, AMT, to launch 360Pass, using the local brand name GoGoGe.

This smart ticket solution is designed to support the municipality in meeting its goal of congestion relief and reducing emissions – while optimising costs and transportation across the region.

The launch programme saw Hitachi Rail connect 663 buses, 2500 bus stops, the metro line used by 15 million p.a., two funiculars, one historic hillside railway, 10 public lifts, and two suburban bus routes that span 50km. While giving passengers the power – via the touch of a button on their mobile phones – to hire an electric car, pay for parking, or find an e-moped.

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Our 360Pass in action in Genoa, Italy

Hitachi Rail installed over 7,000 Bluetooth sensors across Genoa to allow the creation of a “digital twin” of the region’s transport and passengers’ end-to-end multimodal journeys.

This real-time electronic map of how the city is moving is a powerful tool for operators to optimise services, timetables and create a system that better accommodates the changing peaks and troughs in passenger demand. It can identify the issues that deter public transport usage, such as congestion, emissions, crowding, or service gaps.

"GoGoGe, the name we chose in Genoa for Hitachi’s 360Pass app, offers a unique travel experience to our customers with the game-changing hands-free technology. We can follow our customers across all transport systems throughout their journey, getting a clear picture of their end-to-end journey.

Deploying Hitachi’s technology is a great opportunity for both AMT and the city of Genoa to be a leader in smart mobility and test innovative technologies that will make a big difference to travel in cities around the world."

Marco Beltrami, President, AMT

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