Modern Battery Technology respects Historic City Centres

Hitachi Rail’s battery-powered tram technology offers the major benefit of requiring no electrified infrastructure. Our trams can operate on sections of routes with no overhead wires, such as historic city centres, like Florence, Italy, and offer range increase of up to 5km.

This “catenary-free” operation uses modular architecture and the latest generation lithium-ion batteries to ensure best in class performance, as well a DC/DC converter to provide controlled battery charging.

Retrofittable battery technology can improve sustainability in city centres

It’s flexible too. The new technology is based on an onboard energy storage system (OBESS), with scalable battery capacity. It can be installed directly on the roof of existing trams - saving on costs, and visual impact – all while ensuring better environmental performance for a more sustainable society.

In Florence, battery powered trams have been tested since 2021. Fitted to trams on the existing Sirio fleet, the battery technology enables the trams to operate on a section of the line entirely under battery power, without the use of overhead infrastructure. Power is returned to the batteries when the train brakes, reducing the overall amount of energy consumed and protecting Florence’s historic environment.