More people than ever are living in cities: over 4.4 billion people around the world – expected to rise to 7 out of 10 people by 2050.

As the populations of our cities grow, so too is demand for more convenience and sustainable transportation. As a result, policy makers and transport operators are faced with challenging decisions to reduce congestion, alleviate air pollution, and deliver better connected services to improve passenger journeys.

Whether it’s delivering a full turnkey metro system, or increasing the capacity of an existing network, Hitachi Rail works as a trusted partner to help its customers to improve the safety, availability and reliability of new and existing urban railways – improving passenger experience and helping operators to optimise costs.

Transport networks across the world rely on our technologies and expertise to ensure safer and more efficient passenger journeys. Hitachi Rail has delivered rail solutions across more than 4,600km of urban railways around the globe.

Whether it’s for tram, monorail, metros and driver operated or driverless metro systems, Hitachi Rail offers advanced, state-of-the-art technology for both new (greenfield) and existing (brownfield) infrastructure. Hitachi Rail’s capabilities range from full turnkey design, to manufacturing, installation and commissioning of rolling stock, to digital signalling telecommunications and supervision systems. Our interoperable ticketing and payment solutions for public transport authorities accelerate the shift from (private) car-based mobility to public transportation, increasing city attractiveness and accessibility.

For operators, we offer operations management and maintenance competencies, ensuring complete operations and maintenance of any type of urban solution leveraging our Asset Management Solution, designed to bring insights that drive outcomes like greater availability, reliability and lower operating costs. Our accessible data analytics modules are compliant to the latest cyber standards, helping operators to deliver more reliable, faster and more sustainable journeys for their passengers.

Our full turnkey systems offering includes:

  • Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) Signalling systems

  • Smart Rail Operation Systems including Operations Control Centre, Automatic Train Stop & SCADA

  • Passenger Mobility and Video Security Systems (Station & Onboard)

  • Telecoms

  • Interlocking

  • Ticketing & Payment

  • Service & Maintenance

  • Digital Asset Management

  • Driver Advisory Systems

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data Analytics Platform

  • Rolling Stock for Light and Heavy Metro, Tramways and Monorail

Metro Taipei Driverless