Today's world is defined by volatile supply chains, ever-more demanding customers and a need to deliver freight to the right place at the right time – for the optimal operating cost.

Hitachi Rail’s experience in delivering proven, reliable technologies to the global freight market is helping freight customers to ensure reliable, cost efficient, and effective commercial railways.

Hitachi rail can ensure the best and competitive solutions to manage and satisfy clients’ needs. From individual onboard and wayside components to fully automated AI-enabled railway systems, Hitachi Rail is able to help freight customers to deliver the goods.

Hitachi Rail’s experience in the rail freight market dates back to George Westinghouse’s Union Switch and Signal business, established in the USA in 1881. Hitachi Rail supports customers on freight railways worldwide, including the USA, Canada, the Middle East, India and Australia.

With new digital solutions and technologies, such as ETCS and digital asset management, Hitachi Rail’s freight rail signalling offer helps our customers to improve safety, efficiency and enhance the commercial operations of their railways.

Our offering covers supply and full system integration including:

  • Automated freight railroad solutions (GOA4)

  • Operating Control Centres including Traffic Management and network optimisation.

  • Conventional on board and way side signalling

  • Positive Train Control and Temporary Speed Restriction Management

  • Telecoms, including Satellite GNSS for ETCS

  • Telecoms

  • Interlocking

  • Wayside Train Separation

  • Operations

  • Service & Maintenance

  • Digital Asset Management

  • Components

  • Cybersecurity

Freight Projects Across Australia