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We believe our company has the best people, who work in trusted partnership with our customers, on some of the most innovative projects on the planet.

  • In Honolulu we’re connecting people, reducing commute times by 40% and eliminating 40,000 car trips a day
  • Across Italy, intercity fleets are being constructed from 95% recyclable materials
  • In Japan cities are being connected with the next generation of bullet trains
  • In Baltimore we’re equipping the metro with the latest passenger information system, Wi-Fi and state of the art diagnostics
  • In Riyadh we’re working with our partners to deliver one of the world’s biggest urban rail projects
  • And in Western Australia, Hitachi Rail innovation is helping connect mines to the sea with pioneering automation

Last year alone, 18 billion journeys were taken using our technology and we believe our people are at the heart of achieving our mobility vision.