Across Hitachi, we have established long-term reduction targets for CO2 emissions of 50% by fiscal 2030 throughout the value chain.

As a leading mobility business, we have an important role in driving modal shift. Encouraging people onto trains, which is the cleanest way to transit large numbers of people across both short and long distances.

We endeavour to make rail travel zero or low emission as possible. Utilising a combination of battery, 100% electric or hybrid we are already helping to further reduce rail greenhouse gas emissions.

Hitachi Rail’s strategy to reduce its carbon-footprint is based on the following principles:

  • Global approach: the development of mechanisms to increase commitment in all offices and production sites

  • Reasonable and feasible long-term objectives: the establishment of a clear and realistic vision of the necessary action and next steps

  • Support for the development of technologies: the development of advanced and innovative solutions

Low Carbon Future - for COP26 - Hitachi