Better Connected: Global Attitudes to Public Transport 2024 (Italian)

This Italian language report draws on our insights from a survey into attitudes towards public transport within and between cities. The survey, carried out by SavantaComres,  collected data from 12,000 people in 12 cities around the world: Berlin, Copenhagen, Dubai, London, Milan, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Warsaw and, Washington D.C.

The report explores key questions around the future usage of green public transport, including:

  • Do people across the globe, from San Francisco to Paris, and London to Sydney view their public transport in the same way as you?
  • What factors influence how people choose to travel?
  • Will high speed rail replace short haul flights? And do people back legislation to encourage more long distance train travel?
  • Do people think they will travel differently in five years’ time?
  • Is public transport set to grow within cities?