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Winsome Pierre, a Project Manager who joined Hitachi Rail in 2019. In her role, she supports Hitachi Rail’s recently awarded project to deliver the new Ontario Line rolling stock (trains), systems, operations, and maintenance (RSSOM) package.

Learn more about Winsome’s career journey and the important role women play in transforming the transportation industry.

Life at Hitachi Rail

Although flexibility and work schedule benefits are attractive to most career professionals, for me – the emphasis on a diverse and inclusive work environment is equally important. Working for a company where respect for others is central to core workplace efficiency enables me to be authentic. At Hitachi, my voice is appreciated and valued in business discussions. To date – Hitachi Rail continues to celebrate the success of its people. A great example is Hitachi's current efforts to recognize the outstanding achievements of working for Hitachi Rail while positively impacting the transportation industry.

Increasing the Efficiency in How People Travel 

The quest to reduce our carbon footprint has moved to the forefront of sustainable efforts within the modern world. As such, my proudest professional accomplishment at Hitachi Rail has been working on a project that will positively change and increase the efficiency of how people travel across Mississauga, Brampton, and the GTA border while reducing the carbon footprint. I have collaborated and created partnerships with various stakeholders to ensure the LRT project stays on track while finding ways to respond to client needs more effectively and efficiently.

Inspiration from Female Leaders

Throughout my career, I've drawn inspiration from women like Katherine Johnson, the famous American mathematician whose story the film 'Hidden Figures' told. She was among the first African American workers employed at NASA. Katherine was determined to make a name for herself. She was recognized for her outstanding performance and received several awards, such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Silver Snoopy Award, and the NASA Group Achievement Award.

Whenever I face situations that seem to be challenging, I always think of Katherine Johnson and the adversity she overcame to accomplish her greatest achievements. As such, her story has motivated me to keep my head up and never give up during challenging situations. Katherine is a true inspiration and was a great women leader – and her story has inspired to keep my own dream of becoming a leader within the transportation space alive.

Advice to the Next Generation of Women in Transportation

Although women in transportation leadership are still a way behind, I believe in the important role we play in making a difference in the world we live in today. Working in transportation and many other industries allows women to become a significant part of this change. Innovation can only be achieved when different perspectives and ideas come together.

To the rising generation of women in transportation, remember, "your voice matters!" So take pride in advancing your career, and remember you hold the keys to the driver's seat. You may encounter barriers, but stay grounded and keep moving forward as your destination is near. Perseverance is a pathway to greatness; belief in the impossible and, most of all, in yourself.

Importance in Celebrating Women's History Month

As we take the time to celebrate Women's History Month this year, we must remember that while this is a time to celebrate the present and the future - it is also a time to reflect on the courage and persistence for change from women of the past. Because of them, we continue our momentum to break down barriers for the future generation of female leaders.


Winsome Pierre

Project Manager Location: Canada