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Meet Michael King, our Signaling Commissioning Engineer responsible for facilitating the installation and testing of train control equipment along the wayside rail networks for Honolulu’s Skyline - the first fully urban autonomous railway system in the United States...

Life at Hitachi Rail 

When I joined Hitachi Rail five years ago, I was seeking a role where I could support a project through multiple phases and interface with different subsystems, providing a solid basis for how technology functions and allowing me to explore other roles in the future.

I enjoy working with a talented and diverse group at Hitachi Rail. Sometimes at work, we spend more time with our co-workers and teammates than our family! Therefore, having a collaborative office environment has had a positive effect on my experience. I have had many great experiences, soaking up knowledge and expertise from my peers.

US’ First Fully Autonomous Urban Railway System

The completion and start of passenger service for the first phase of Honolulu’s ‘Skyline’ is a career highlight. It’s not often we get to open new lines for passenger travel in the United States. I got to assist in US and State history, which I really enjoyed.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Transportation Professionals

We should all see the bigger picture and stay the course. Long days and hours can be discouraging, but seeing projects completed is advantageous. Transportation workers get to provide a service that helps many individuals in their community - so you are making a real difference to society.

Motivating the Next Generation of Black Engineers

Both culture and heritage give me an extra boost of motivation. My experiences in this industry have been primarily positive, but my interactions with individuals from the same background have been minimal. As such, I hope that my work can one day inspire another young engineer who might consider working in the rail industry. I strive to make myself an example to follow and always make myself available for engagement with young talent because our future is always watching.

Gaining Inspiration from Historical Black Leaders

Whilst I have several influences from black leaders and pioneers, Martin Luther King Jr. is significant. Growing up in his home state of Georgia may make me a little biased, but the more I’ve learned about him, the more I realised that he was a high-character individual who taught patience in the face of adversity.

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Mike King

Signaling Commissioning Engineer