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Meet Georgina Collymore, Communications and Public Engagement Manager for the Ontario Line project in Toronto. Georgina works within communities and with stakeholders to increase awareness of the Ontario Line project and Hitachi Rail's role in bringing it to life.

Career Journey to Hitachi Rail

My career goals have always centered around writing. I went to school for journalism and worked in the field for a few years before I started in the communications field. My love of writing led me to where I am today. As a communications specialist at a public agency, I got my first taste of community engagement and public participation. I didn't think I would enjoy it so much because I am shy, but I get to meet new people and hear their stories. Working in transit, I hear amazing testimonials about how much the Ontario Line will benefit communities and improve lives. I love hearing those stories and sharing them with the team so they truly understand the impact of our work.

My proudest moment was when my first article was published in a national magazine. Writing has always been a passion for me, and sharing that passion with a vast audience was amazing.

Life at Hitachi Rail

I started at Hitachi Rail in 2023. As Communications and Public Engagement manager, I have the privilege of working with local residents and stakeholders to increase awareness of the Ontario Line project in Toronto and the prominent role that Hitachi plays in bringing the new transit line to life.

I love the diversity at Hitachi; my colleagues are from all over the world and have worked in the most amazing locations. Our potlucks are legendary; the spreads always include the best food from around the world! But I also love the work that we do when it comes to community building. Bringing new transit to areas that need it is more than providing another means to get from A to B; it brings opportunity and investment so those communities can continue to grow and prosper.

Inspiration from Heritage

As a Black woman with parents born and raised in the Caribbean (Barbados and Guyana), our culture plays a huge role in how I approach my work. My parents were dedicated public servants who instilled a sense of loyalty and pride in me that is represented in the work I do every day. When my parents first came to Canada, they settled in the Flemingdon Park community, where the Ontario Line will make a huge impact. Having a history in that area, my approach is guided in many ways by their stories and experiences living there….understanding the limitations and recognizing the importance of my work to engage with the people where we are building, and have them truly be a part of the process to transform their community.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Black Women in Transportation

My journey as a black woman in the corporate world is not unique; many of us have had to overcome hurdles and obstacles that others just don't recognize. So, my advice is to simply be your authentic self. Although this is easier said than done, when I was truly myself and stopped pretending to be what I thought I should represent, I was happier and so much more fulfilled in my career and the various roles I took on.

The Value of Mentorship

I have struggled to find mentors in my field who were Black women. I believe in mentorship, and I have had a few mentors that have helped me immensely. However, having a mentor in my industry who looked like me and understood some of the obstacles I faced would have been great and helped me make more informed decisions when choosing a career path.

Inspiration from Black Leaders

As an avid reader and writer, black pioneers whom I've admired are mainly authors like Alice Walker, Octavia Butler, and Zora Neale Hurston. When I read their work, the characters looked like me, and the stories were so rich that I couldn't help but devour their words.

Celebrating Black History Month

I want to encourage my colleagues to take a moment to attend a local BHM event to experience and understand the importance of this month. In Toronto, there are so many unique events that celebrate the different cultures in the black community – and there's always great food!


Georgina Collymore

Communications and Public Engagement Manager