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Meet Yvonne Murtadha, a Senior Contract Manager who joined Hitachi Rail in 2023.

Yvonne leads the strategic formulation and execution of contract strategies and proposals, ensuring alignment with project standards and objectives while optimizing financial and operational performance.

Working at Hitachi Rail

I relish working for Hitachi Rail due to its commitment to fostering a diverse workplace environment where the support and value-added through mentorship and growth opportunities genuinely shine. The company's trust in the expertise of its people, encouraging them to lead and innovate, further in enhancing my professional fulfilment and career trajectory.

My role as Senior Contracts Manager perfectly aligns with my career goals by allowing me to leverage my extensive experience in contract management, risk mitigation, and leadership to drive project success and operational excellence. It provides a dynamic platform for continuous learning and growth, enabling me to further develop my expertise in strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and complex problem-solving, which are integral to my professional advancement.

Unleashing Your Potential by Conquering Challenges 

The most significant challenge I've faced professionally involved navigating complex contractual negotiations and managing high-stake risks across multiple projects simultaneously. This experience tested my strategic planning, problem-solving capabilities, and resilience, strengthening my leadership skills and deepening my risk mitigation and stakeholder management expertise.

Throughout my career, I have consistently driven improvements in project delivery and operational efficiency, leveraging my expertise in risk management and contract execution. My proactive strategies in dispute resolution and claims reduction have made me a critical contributor to enhancing operational harmony and achieving project success across various roles.

"Women's History Month celebrates and shows gratitude for the accomplishments and impact women from diverse backgrounds have had throughout history - it's a time to acknowledge the trailblazers who fought for gender equality globally and appreciate the contemporary pioneers and disruptors who continue to make history"

Advice for Women in the Transportation Industry 

In male-dominated fields like construction or transportation, women should confidently showcase their expertise and actively seek leadership roles, leveraging the support from corporations committed to fostering diversity and growth opportunities for women. Women can challenge the status quo by asserting their unique perspectives and advocating for inclusive practices, benefiting from corporate backing to carve out significant paths for advancement and creating a more equitable workplace.

Gaining Inspiration from Other Women

Throughout my life, I've drawn inspiration from numerous women, personal acquaintances, and those I've encountered through reading and learning, who have collectively shaped who I am today. These remarkable women have paved the way for me and millions of other women worldwide, contributing to our collective journey toward empowerment and equality.

In one of my books (in Arabic), I wrote about 75 women who inspired and changed the world to honour them.

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Yvonne Murtadha

Senior Contract Manager Location: Canada