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Meet Nikki Tanigawa, Associate Vehicle Maintenance Engineer, specialising in Platform Screen Gates and Train Control and Communication Systems.

Helping to ensure passenger safety on our Honolulu autonomous metro trains, Nikki is a key member of our team. Read on to find out about her experience as a woman in the rail industry and thoughts on Women's History Month...

Life at Hitachi Rail

I have worked for Hitachi Rail in Honolulu for three years, so I saw the project delivery of the new, fully autonomous metro system. In my role as an Associate Vehicle Maintenance Engineer, I specialise in Platform Screen Gates and Train Control and Communication Systems. My primary responsibility is ensuring passenger safety on platforms and facilitating secure entry and exit from trains. My team and I are dedicated to the preventive and corrective maintenance of platform screen gates across all nine stations.

My fascination with automotive technology and maintenance has evolved over the years. I've expanded my interest to include electronic and computer systems, which are increasingly integral to modern vehicles. My current role perfectly combines mechanical work with advanced electronics and control systems, enhancing my skills and allowing me to apply them to various projects, including personal ones.

Perseverance Leading to Success

A standout moment for me was resolving a persistent issue with one of our Platform Screen Gates. Despite continuous failures and exhaustive testing, the solution eluded us for weeks. Collaborating with various teams, I identified and rectified a faulty component that caused the malfunction. This experience was not only a testament to perseverance, but also crucial in maintaining the high standards of our pioneering, fully automated driverless system in the United States.

Overcoming Hurdles

Entering a male-dominated rail industry culture as the only woman on my team, it was crucial to establish my expertise and reliability. Over time, I became the go-to for Platform Screen Gates and expanded my skills across different departments. I encourage all women to actively embrace challenges and opportunities - stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to great personal growth!

"The diversity and commitment of our team at Hitachi Rail is truly inspiring. I take great pride in sharing my work experiences with others hoping to inspire them to dream big"

Women’s History Month

Women's History Month is a time of inspiration and empowerment. It's an opportunity to highlight the significant contributions of women and to celebrate the diversity they bring to the workplace. This month reminds us of the progress made and the path ahead in achieving greater inclusivity and equality.

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Nikki Tanigawa

Associate Vehicle Maintenance Engineer