The mobility solutions we provide to our customers are designed and built with the aim of tackling the challenges of climate change and to provide a safe and reliable transport option to support growing urbanisation.

At the heart of the solutions we provide, is the ambition to improve the travel experience for passengers. We aim to make transport as accessible and "green" as possible, to be digitally connected to better facilitate the movement of people within and between urban environments around the world.

Our solutions are designed to minimise congestion, to be safe and reliable, whilst minimising pollution related to mobility – a positive response to the social and environmental commitments set out in the United Nations "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDG)s.

You can even view our published sustainability reports to see exactly how we’re progressing with our goals.

Our "Think Responsibly, Act Sustainably" initiative is at the heart of the way we design and plan our products and defines the solutions we develop with our partners and deliver to customers.