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Why Digital Signalling Matters

It is predicted that by 2030, 6 billion people around the world will be living in cities. As demand for travel also grows, we need to make more of the railway infrastructure we already have. Read how our ETCS digital signalling technology is increasing capacity on railways around the world. Maybe your city is one of them?

Learn why digital signalling matters

Better Connected Report: A Survey on Attitudes Towards Public Transport

See our latest survey, of over 12,000 people in 12 cities, on global attitudes towards public transport. Covering themes including cost, convenience and comfort, we find out what people think about their travel options.

This survey reveals the changes that are needed to deliver passenger satisfaction and make rail the first choice for travel.

Get insights from our global survey

Hear from Hitachi Rail Engineer, Elisa Butini

Elisa Butini is a Running Dynamic Engineer at our high-speed train factory in Naples, Italy. Her work has contributed to key Hitachi Rail projects, including the development of commuter and metro trains around the world.

Read on to see how Elisa is using experimental data of new metro trains to model and validate train performance for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Meet an AI-Powered Train Engineer

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