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Hitachi Rail is connecting the future of mobility in Australia - helping every passenger, customer, community and economy enjoy the benefits of smart, seamless and sustainable transport.

With more than 600 specialists working across the country, we design, develop and deliver world-leading digital systems and solutions that enable more accessible and affordable travel and more resilient and productive rail networks – with safety always at the forefront.

For the last 30 years, we have been assisting governments, planners and operators meet the demands of population and business growth while supporting growing cities, regions and industries.  And today, we continue to create future-ready transport solutions, increase capacity, ease urban mobility, and deliver critical safety gains and operational efficiencies.

Smart Signalling and Mobility

Our Smart Mobility technology helps transport planners, operators and delivery agents to connect, analyse and improve entire transport networks.

Across Australia, European Train Control System (ETCS) technology is helping transform passenger, heavy haul and freight railways. As the backbone of current and future smart mobility solutions, it will help reshape how people and products travel and move every day. An advanced digital signalling system, ETCS can be integrated with other core operating, safety and train control systems forming the foundation of our country’s future rail and transport networks.

Smart Signalling And Mobility

Leading the Way With Local Innovation

Our on-the-ground experience combined with local technology experts, has resulted in Australia developing world-leading solutions such as our latest traffic and possession management systems. With cross-sector application, the solutions integrate the dynamic and detailed planning, management and monitoring of trains as well as allow safe maintenance to be undertaken as part of our wider solution.

Intelligent Asset Management

Our asset management technology, data collection and analytic capabilities maximise asset availability and minimise whole-of-life cost and risk. This is achieved through network-wide asset data capture and monitoring, reduced maintenance cost and time, proactive and predictive maintenance, less downtime and delays, and improved reliability.

Powering More Sustainable Journeys

By helping bring smart mobility to life, we help customers increase the popularity of public transport, take cars off roads, and cut carbon, congestion and costs. Through technology and innovation, we also help freight operators conserve energy, reduce fuel and emissions, and move towards their own sustainability targets.

Powering Sustainable Journeys

Powering Passenger Rail

A Future-Ready Queensland

We are delivering a world-class digital signalling system as part of Queensland’s Cross River Rail project. The European Train Control System (ETCS) will help revolutionise the rail network as Brisbane prepares to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games – increasing capacity, convenience, efficiency and reliability. It will sustain population growth and prosperity by allowing more services to run more often, connecting with new roads and busways, supporting other growth projects, and easing congestion.

Vital New Links for Perth City and Suburbs

In Perth, we planned, designed and delivered the complete signalling and telecommunications system for the Forrestfield-Airport Link: connecting the city to the eastern suburbs and Perth Airport. Running through eight kilometres of underground tunnels and three stations, the digital communication between trains and track maximises service frequency while prioritising safety. The link provides quick and easy transport to and from the city, and directly connects the airport and CBD to benefit residents and visitors.

Next-Generation Benefits

We are installing a world-first innovation to automate elements of Queensland’s New Generation Rollingstock fleet. By combining Automatic Train Operation, which controls the train’s traction and braking to continuously calculate optimum speed, with ETCS to Sil 4 Standard, the trains can operate safely while running closer together. The initiative will increase services, allow faster and easier trips, achieve energy efficiencies and reduce costs.


Moving Heavy Haul and Freight Forward

Our pioneering signalling and train control innovations continue to change the face of heavy-haul and freight rail in Australia and in fact, the world. Hitachi Rail Australia is positioning itself as a centre of excellence with many new capabilities proven on the vast and remote networks renowned in this sector. This includes the possibility of adopting artificial intelligence for collision avoidance.

Our solutions are focused on delivering ongoing cost savings and efficiencies through a standardised platform, reducing maintenance through less trackside infrastructure, and introducing improved asset management and preventative maintenance capabilities. This extends to managing obsolescence, optimising pit to port operations, and supporting clients’ decarbonisation efforts.  Current work on maintenance worker and vehicle protection is also set to become a game changer for passenger, heavy-haul and freight operators.

Rio Tinto

As the long-term strategic partner and systems integrator for iron ore giant, Rio Tinto in Australia, we were the technical and delivery lead behind AutoHaul™, the world’s first fully autonomous heavy-haul rail network, and in 2022, for the new Gudai-Darri mine network extension. We continue to work closely with Rio Tinto to plan and manage assets, streamline maintenance (including rapid response and issue resolution), reduce fuel and carbon emissions, and set new benchmarks in heavy-haul safety, operational efficiency, and system flexibility.

Roy Hill

For Roy Hill, we delivered a digital signalling and communication solution spanning nearly 350 kilometres of track: the first in the world to use a global navigation satellite system for signalling on a heavy-haul railway. It was designed in parallel with the mine’s phased requirements, with adaptability for future needs. More recently our work with Roy Hill has involved the design, fitment and testing of onboard technology.

Freight Projects Across Australia

Hitachi Rail has delivered sustainable transport solutions and network enhancements for freight rail operators in Australia including Arc Infrastructure, the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) and Australia’s largest freight operator, Aurizon.

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Freight Projects Across Australia

Hitachi Rail Careers in Australia

People are the heartbeat of everything we do at Hitachi Rail. Our capacity to deliver world-class, meaningful projects that make a positive impact on both people and planet rests on the shoulders of our outstanding team.

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Fast-paced growth in an exciting industry offers many career opportunities for passionate people who thrive on innovation and collaboration.

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