Hitachi Rail are a global leader in designing and building automatic and fully-unmanned driverless (UTO) turnkey transportation systems, working on innovative solutions around the world. We have a structured and integrated approach, offering bespoke turnkey solutions from infrastructure and signalling to rolling stock and services, designed by our experienced engineers.

Our automatic transportation systems are designed with whole-life cost at the forefront, meaning the solutions provide high performance levels, increased transport capacity, high levels of safety and service availability and ensure high passenger expectations from the beginning of operation.

We have the capability to work as a general contractor or as a leader in joint ventures with civil work companies and other rolling stock manufacturers.

Our turnkey project approach ensures one client contact and construction organisation leadership in place to drive the construction team during the implementation phases, during the warranty period or during operation & maintenance periods, which is often included as part of the turnkey operation contract.

As a turnkey contractor, we work with a wide range of global suppliers, who we work in partnership with to solve each project’s challenges to meet the expectations of the client and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction throughout project acceptance.

We have experience of projects across the world, providing fully automated, efficient solutions which include:

  • Copenhagen M1/M2

  • Riyadh Princess Noura

  • Metrogenova

  • Taipei Circular Line

  • Copenhagen CityRingen

  • Honolulu

  • Milan Line 4

  • Metro Lima

Find out more about how we use our innovative approach to design and delivery with our core partners in these case studies, looking at recent turnkey deliveries: