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Hitachi Rail is improving mobility throughout the USA and Canada, providing passengers, customers and communities with the benefits of seamless, sustainable journeys.

Investing in North America

We are making significant investments in passenger and freight rail transportation in North America, with investments going beyond just the railways. Our projects support both the economy and regional supply chains, allowing us to work with local subcontractors and diverse businesses while contributing to the communities in which we are located.

Hitachi Rail is located across several North American locations, including our HQ located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a signaling manufacturing plant in Batesburg, and train manufacturing plants in Miami and now Washington County, Maryland. The new $70M train factory and 800-yard test track, is set to be constructed on a 41-acre site located in the Washington DC region. When complete, the factory will sustain 1,300 jobs.

Our 1,000 rail experts are currently delivering projects for Miami, launching pioneering autonomous trains for Honolulu and building trains with the latest digital signaling systems for Baltimore. We also have a range of signaling projects in delivery across America for both passenger transit and freight operators - providing safe, green, reliable services.

Hitachi Rail Canada have agreed contracts for signal system maintenance, with plans to produce state of the art train cars for the Ontario train system.

We are committed to growing our business into the future as an integral provider of infrastructure and transportation solutions in the USA and Canada.

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Hitachi Rail Career Opportunities in the United States and Canada

Ambitious projects mean rapid growth in the USA and Canada, and this is just beginning to scratch the surface. Hitachi Rail needs people to help us deliver impactful projects that bring meaningful lifestyle change across the US, Canada and around the world. We’re excited about the future and offer a pathway to the extensive career growth opportunities that the rail market can provide.

For those new to the rail industry, Hitachi Rail invests in emerging talent to begin their career in innovative technology and engineering that power sustainable mobility. For those with experience in the rail industry, Hitachi Rail offers the opportunity to work with talented, passionate people on world-class projects. 18 billion journeys a year are taken using Hitachi Rail technology, and our people are the heartbeat of our vision for mobility. With comprehensive and flexible benefits, find challenging and rewarding work in a rapidly growing sector.

Sharing our key values of harmony, sincerity and a pioneering spirit, you could be the right fit for our growing team of 1,400 colleagues in North America, and 12,000 around the world. We work together to develop world-class, unique technology and products that contribute to society by powering sustainable connectivity. Help us bring our values to life and invest in the future by learning more about career opportunities at Hitachi Rail.

Hitachi Rail – Investing in Local Economies 

We believe that by working together with local vendors and suppliers, we can achieve our commitment to deliver a best-in-class product for passengers and freight that travel on the rail networks every day – and for the benefit of wider society. Sustainable travel solutions for the future involve pioneering technology alongside local partnership. This 360o approach provides a path to an exciting future.

Our vision is global and our local partnerships are fundamental in our drive towards a sustainable future for transportation.

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Latest News from the USA and Canada

Transforming Toronto’s Mass Transit Network

Hitachi Rail has been awarded a contract to deliver the new Ontario Line rolling stock (trains), systems, operations and maintenance. The project will secure its presence in Toronto for the next 30 years.

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Latest News from the USA and Canada

Delivering the New 8000-Series Railcars for Metro

Once the build is complete, in the first quarter of 2024, our new Maryland factory will begin work to deliver its first order of 256 new 8000-series railcars for Metro.

This transformative project will replace the existing fleets, which have been in service for around 40 years and will improve reliability and passenger experience across Washington DC.

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Latest News from the USA and Canada

A New Location for our $70M US Factory

Hitachi Rail announced that Washington County, Maryland, will be the location of its state-of-the-art $70 million factory.

In a major expansion of Hitachi Rail’s presence in the US, the new site will manufacture modern railcars for the Washington DC region and will have the capacity to serve the wider North American railway market.

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Latest News from the USA and Canada

Digital Train Control Upgrade for BART

Hitachi Rail was awarded a $798m contract with San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) to design, build and install our innovative  Communications-Based Train Control signaling technology – to increase capacity and improve service on the line.

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