Intelligent Asset Management supports the planning and delivery of railway infrastructure, allowing users to deliver safe, efficient and sustainable operations. It includes all systems, procedures and tools to maximise asset availability for a minimum whole-life cost and risk. Through working closely with our customers to understand their business needs we have developed an answer to the industry’s need for integrated digital rail solutions.

With its scalable, flexible and agile nature, the Hitachi Rail intelligent asset management solution is built on an Internet of Things (IoT) platform and has been tailored for the railway industry to address any data‑driven challenge.

The platform is designed to effortlessly connect and integrate with a wide range of varied railway and non-railway systems, providing a clear and concise overview of any railway operation as required.

It can be tailored to absorb data from any source, provide Edge processing, deliver data management, storage and data analytics, alongside business oriented specific applications such as maintenance and optimisation.

The data collected by the intelligent asset management solution in combination with its analytic capabilities, provides the backbone for new service development for passengers. Such services, leveraging the deep knowledge of an entire railway infrastructure viewpoint, will increase train and line availability. This will directly improve passenger usability, improving user experience, giving passengers a clear and updated vision of the status of their trip.

Features and benefits:

  • A modular solution, developed in partnership with our customers

  • Increases the efficiency of existing and proposed networks

  • Increase system reliability and availability

  • Optimise working procedures, thus reducing system downtime

  • Acts as an enabler to allow the railway industry to deliver new service development and IoT solutions that will offer overall improvement in passenger experience

Perpetuum is a Hitachi solution, delivering solutions that utilise pioneering digital technology to optimise railway operations, offering improved efficiency, safety and quality of service.

The Perpetuum solution utilises wireless condition monitoring to spot faults, allowing them to be fixed before they delay passengers’ journeys. Once they are installed on trains, Perpetuum’s self-powering digital sensors detect on-board vibrations and send back real-time data about the performance of critical train parts – e.g. wheel sets, gearboxes, motors or bogies – as well as the track faster and more accurately than traditional condition-monitoring approaches.

Combining this information with artificial intelligence-led analytical tools means that:

  • Potential faults are identified and fixed before they impact services – meaning passengers enjoy more reliable and punctual journeys
  • Critical parts on trains are replaced exactly when they need to be, which increases their lifespan by more than 25%; cutting costs and protecting the environment
  • Maintenance needed by the trains can be reduced, increasing availability to provide reliable and efficient passenger services

In 2021 Perpetuum joined Hitachi Rail creating new opportunities to fit self-powered sensors to the hundreds of trains already serviced around the world by the wider mobility business.

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