360Motion brings together data from multiple transportation services into a single unified platform.

360Motion helps multiple stakeholders optimise their public transport networks in real-time and enables scenario planning and predict future issues.

It is the single source of truth for city planners, bus operators, rail operators, and passengers that use those networks. It provides real-time information, creating a 'digital twin' of an entire city or region's public transport infrastructure.


By using our real-time analytics platform, cities, public transport operators and passengers can benefit from more seamless, sustainable journeys.

360Motion integrates data from:

Whether drawing data from Hitachi or third-party applications, 360Motion and Hitachi Rail's 'as-a-service' business models can help operators in any city accelerate to more seamless, sustainable transport.

Are you a city planner or transport operator looking to connect, scale, optimise and analyse your entire transportation network? If so, contact us to find out more Rail.Enquiries@Hitachirail.com