Accelerating the transition to electrified transport infrastructure.

In addition to our existing product and solutions offering, Operation Management is a service dedicated to public transport operators and fleet managers. Net-zero transition is driving a shift towards green public transport, that brings a lot of challenges such as the management of a mixed (diesel and electric) fleet in the transition phase and then the sustainment of entirely electrified fleets.

Operation Management is a powerful solution aimed at supporting Operators and Fleet Managers to tackle this challenge; it leverages the different engineering competences of Hitachi Group and support in planning every need of these vehicles. Just to make some examples:

  • vehicles’ planning and routes optimisation, to optimize the path according to energy consumption,

  • deployment of buses on routes according to their batteries state of health and state of charge, to support to assign vehicles on appropriate routes to not affect batteries state of health

Operation management collects information such as battery charging, battery lifecycle management, driving style, environmental information, and based on that allows for the correct management of bus routes.

Bus fleet operations management can also run in integration with other means of transport such as rail, trams, metro, in order to exploit the full potential of an integrated transportation management to allow seamless travel experience for passengers.