Accelerating the transition to electrified transport infrastructure.

In addition to our existing product and solutions offering, Electrified Mobility is a range of services for public transport operators and fleet managers. Electrified Mobility optimises how electricity is managed across growing fleets of electric vehicles. This includes e-buses, trains, and commuters’ electric vehicles when parked in public transport car parks.

Our solutions help operators to manage and optimise the flow of electrons through their growing networks of charging and battery infrastructure – minimising energy costs and maximising the lifetime value of their battery assets.

  • Deploy quickly and at scale: We are combining not only new digital technology but an ‘as a service' offer that brings together financing and Hitachi‘s expertise in the mobility and energy sectors.

  • Optimised life cycle management: Helping operators to minimise their Capex expenditure and optimise their maintenance costs as they transition to lower carbon forms of transportation. In an increasingly volatile energy market, this also helps operators optimise the cost of energy when charging their buses from the grid.

  • Integrates fully with 360Motion.

Hitachi Zero Carbon is working with First Bus to drive their zero emission agenda forward - find out more about the project.

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