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The passenger rail industry is a key contributor to the path towards lower-carbon, sustainable transport. Through cutting edge innovation and engineering, Hitachi Rail is at the forefront of this fast-moving and growing sector.

Centuries of rail history and investment continue today with increased interest from governments, investors and stakeholders creating more and more opportunities for engineers, software developers, project managers, and many others.


Operating in over 38 countries around the world, with 12,000 employees today, Hitachi Rail is a heritage railway company at heart. Along with a proud history of manufacturing Japan’s famous Shinkansen bullet trains, the future vision continues to grow.

Pushing the boundaries of technology, the Hitachi Rail train development philosophy flows into Smart Mobility, delivering the software and hardware that connects trains to all modes of transport for the benefit of passengers, operators and wider society. If you’re thinking this sounds like a tech company, you’d be right!

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From digital signaling systems in Baltimore to pioneering autonomous trains in Honolulu, Hitachi Rail has world-leading projects providing safe, green, reliable passenger and freight transit across America.

In Canada, Hitachi Rail is upgrading signal systems and planning to produce innovative train cars for the Ontario train system. With a vision to provide infrastructure and smart transportation solutions across North America, Hitachi rail continues to break new ground in pursuit of sustainable transit.

New projects 

Hitachi Rail occupies multiple North American locations, with HQ located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Batesburg is home to a signaling manufacturing plant and trains are produced in Miami and now Washington County, Maryland. The new $70M train factory and 800-yard test track, is set to create over a thousand jobs on a 41-acre site located in the Washington DC region.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority will be upgraded with 256 new 8000-series railcars. These innovative vehicles are safer and more energy efficient, making use of regenerative braking, HD cameras and enhanced ventilation systems. The on board experience for travelers includes real time information and dynamic maps.

Communications-based train control is set to be rolled out on the West coast, improving capacity and efficiency for the Bay Area Rapid Transit District. Digital control systems allow trains to run at closer intervals on tighter schedules in high-demand sections of the network.

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New Opportunities 

All these projects mean rapid growth, and this is just beginning to scratch the surface.

Hitachi Rail needs people to help us deliver impactful projects that bring meaningful lifestyle change across the USA, Europe and around the world. An exciting future and a pathway to the extensive career growth opportunities within the rail market is on offer.

From cutting-edge engineering delivering innovative infrastructure upgrades, to climate-conscious progress towards sustainable decarbonisation, the range of careers at Hitachi Rail is vast and exciting.

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Sharing the key values of harmony, sincerity and a pioneering spirit, you could be the right fit for Hitachi Rail’s growing team of 12,000 employees around the world. This global team works together to develop world-class, unique technology and products that contribute to society by powering sustainable connectivity.

Bring these values to life and invest in the future by learning more about Hitachi Rail careers